Personalised gifts for proud pet owners

Celebrate the cuteness overload of your new kitten or puppy!

There’s nothing that will compare to that warm fuzzy feeling of picking up your new pet and taking them home for the very first time. Bringing your new pup or kitten into your home is an exciting and fun time, and we want to celebrate that! At Print My Smile, we love nothing more than cute personalised gifts and that’s exactly what we have for the owners of a new puppy or kitten!

Have you got a new pooch in your family?

Has someone you know recently got a new furry family member? We’ve got the perfect gift for the proud parents of an adorable pup, a ‘pawsome’ personalised gift which is sure to put a smile on their faces! Check out our cute chocolate card, specially designed for dog owners, and you can personalise it yourself using our easy-to-use online tool, fab right? However, we do advise you keep these gifts away from your four-legged friend!

What’s new pussy cat?

The amusement from cats is simply endless, just like our chocolate cards forever bringing joy. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the cat owners, we have the puuurfect chocolate card that they will love, after all you are welcoming a new family member, you need to congratulate the parents, and what better way than with some delicious chocolate?

National Pet Day is right around the corner

A day to celebrate your furry friend, the 11th April is National Pet Day, a day we can overindulge our pets and treat them like royalty! Even though we would love to take our pets everywhere with us, sadly this is just not an option for most of us! Create a personalised mug plastered with photos of your pal and take it to the office with you and whenever you’re missing your pet can just look down at your photo mug filled with your favourite memories together, we guarantee it’ll bring a smile to your face! Or perhaps you want to frame your favourite snap of you and your pet, we have stunning posters available for you to easily pop your pics in, whether it be one single image or a collage, we have beautiful designs for all occasions!

Always delivering smiles

We have products for all occasions, birthdays, weddings, new babies, as well as corporate gifts too. Next time you want to deliver a smile – create a personalised gift on Print My Smile.